The Genetics and Environmental Mutagenesis Society is a southeast regional scientific society headquartered in the vibrant Research Triangle Park of North Carolina. GEMS was formed on December 2, 1982.

The goals of the Society are to:

    • Foster community and communication among scientists who study genomes (mutagenesis, genetics, epigenetics, genomic architecture, sequencing applications, etc.) with an emphasis on the effects of the environment on genetic health.
    • Provide early career scientists with opportunities to increase their visibility through networking and sharing their research within a supportive community at our two annual meetings and through our website.
    • Encourage and support science communication and outreach.

GEMS offers two annual meetings, one in the spring and one in the fall, of considerable thematic diversity in the fields of genetics and genomics, including topics such as the DNA damage response, how genomic and transcriptomic architecture (e.g., copy number variation and repetitive elements) may influence phenotypic variation, as well as application of genomics data for risk assessment.

The society consists of scientists from government, industry, and academic institutions. Membership is open to all interested scientists. Contact GEMS at or get in touch with a current Board of Directors member to learn more about GEMS.

P.O. Box 13475, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

GEMS is incorporated as a non-profit scientific organization in the state of North Carolina  and with the federal government. 

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